April 21, 2021


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There are virtually a whole lot that has polluted the thoughts of the youth of now a days which has influenced them into different kinds of in morals behaviour and characters in which has demoralize their potentials and purpose in life.


This is one of the most deadly diseases of mankind which will not allow our potentials to manifest and for God to showcase His potency in your life.

Disobedient is a daily routine for teenagers and youth, even some adult. That has been making them to be half way fulfilled because disobedient is a disease of gradual distraction and destruction just as we can see in the life of King Saul, king Pharaoh and Samson the man of valour in the Bible.

Self will

The I don’t care lives majority are living has rob them off of fulfilling virtues that is not yet known to them that they are treading on the part that seemed right to them but they are been destroy, thinking they are enjoying lives.

When self-will is/has been programmed in a man’s life your ideas to him, corrections, words of advice or encouragement seems to be the most nasty thing ever done by him/her to be carried out.

How to overcome self will

1. Accepting Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour: for Him alone can deliver you from all your miserable challenges via the blood He shed on the cross of Calvary for all.

2. By prayer and fasting: because self-will is a spirit that must be dealt with spiritually in order not to be a destroyer.

  1. Seeking spiritual counsel from the right source on how to motivate your will (thinking or thought) towards God or man.


Nothing makes a man worthless than pride, because it’s going to rob you off your insight and productivity.

The ego of pride will makes you not to study, not to be hard working, not to be self-developing, spiritual development etc. because he/she virtually thinks they know it all.

They have forgotten that what you don’t know is always bigger than oneself; but what you know, how effective is it? There is need for all round development.

How to overcome pride

Always apply spiritual or Biblical antinode towards it because it’s a spirit that must be dealt with uttermost spiritual priority is needed.


The fear of rejection has made thousand and one a forgotten being of the cemetery.
They are not ready to share, for the sake of maybe the gravity at which people will look at them due to their personality and the shame it tend to pose on them.

Fear has side line a lot of thoughtful leaders due to lack of boldness, thinking I may be rejected; my ideas may not be welcomed and am not competent enough for the task.

Whatever maybe bringing fear to you say it out; summon the courage to share it with the right source who will give you a comprehensive details to overcome it.

Come to think of it, will I share it or keep it to myself and become a forgotten being to the cemetery. I pray that shall not be your potion as you share with the right source in Jesus name. Amen.


It’s now a radical way of life. Leave me let me enjoy my life. A lot of resourceful being thought has been polluted with the affairs of the world that will die only with the world.

Everyone that lust after anything whatsoever cannot be fulfilled in purpose because lust will consume their thought process and deploy them of aspiration fulfilment because it’s a path of spiritual destruction in actualization in the physical of a being.

Lust has driven young and old men away from fulfilment that is why you see them misbehaving because they have lost their sense of purpose.

Lust is an issue of the mind. It makes one worthless than useful to itself and the society at large.

They lust for fame to destroy the purposeful glory for lives affection towards impact. They have all forgotten that one day they will account for their maker how the opportunity given to them on earth was utilised.

How to overcome lust

There is a great need for total or all round rehabilitation.
What I mean by all rounds or total rehabilitation are follows:
Spiritual and Environment
Financial etc.
All this must be touched or worked upon in order to have the sense of whom he/she is through fasting and prayers.

Kindly share to impart someone’s life.


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